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Single people want relationships, settled people wonder if they’re missing out on something, traveling types miss stability, stable ones are restless, old friends want new friends, new friends miss old friends, and basically almost everyone my age has some dangling worry trailing around after them everywhere that they’re somehow not doing everything, that what they’re doing is not altogether the right thing, that they are missing out. … Do not be ashamed. The doubt is natural, and everyone you know – yes, even that person – carries it sometimes too. Allow yourself to be peaceful. Allow yourself satisfaction in what you have. If you really don’t like it, allow yourself permission to make changes.

 - Lillian Schneider

Source awelltraveledwoman
This snippet from Schneider's article [full text available here] is so lovely and really inspiring. I know the uncertainty Schneider mentions haunts me. The classic cliche everyone wants what they don't have. 

Maybe that's the point - a mental game designed to challenge ourselves, prompting us to create goals towards satisfaction. However sometimes it seems tiresome and unattainable. 

But... some days when I take a moment to appreciate all the people and actions that have gotten me to this exact space in time; I am reminded I'm where I'm meant to be. Not locked in the past, not running into the future - honestly its glorious.


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